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        The Austria wonderful electricity advocation makes the product is personhood's idea, insists the product from the moral behavior. Since long continuously “humanist, sets up Germany for first”. Manifests in the management “respects the human, to understand that the human, cared the human, educates the human” the thought that pays attention to person's full scale development, improves person's overall quality. Insisting “by the system person, by cultural heart”. According to “plan, procedure, revision, remarkable” the work spirit, earnestly carries out take the technical standard, the management standard, the working standard as a main body, “everything has a legal basis, everything some people are responsible, everything has according to may look up, everything some person of inspector generals”.
      The company in makes every effort the social value maximization in the foundation, seeks own development the benefit. The pursue good faith benefit, realizes the enterprise value. While realized enterprise value, the staff individual value also obtains has manifested. Takes staff's spirit to ask, to realize staff's ideal, to create enterprise's prospect, is the Austria Wonderful Electricity enterprise culture cornerstone. 
      The Austria wonderful electricity takes seriously to study training, the cultivation advanced culture. The company is paying great attention staff's study training, strengthens staff's sense of mission and the team spirit, cultivates the advanced enterprise culture. Pays great attention to have the characteristic enterprise culture construction. First insisted that by the cultural method train personnel and the enterprise “the same destiny, shares hardships” the emotion, thus maximum limit arouses staff's enthusiasm, stimulates staff's study and the work enthusiasm, impels the enterprise to develop unceasingly. The company according to this factory own culture to accumulate with the characteristic, the careful refinement, the establishment, constructed “have striven for success, the professional development, rigorous practical, the good faith was highly effective the spirit of enterprise by the unity”, “the perfect professionalism, the most sincere genial cooperation idea, the science rigorous professional moral character” the enterprise values, “the respect knowledge, respected the talented person, the pursue company and staff's communal development” the talented person observed for the core enterprise ethics culture system and “has the ideal, to have the morals, the literacy, had the discipline” the staff behavior standards, by this drove that all staff studied vigorous, works diligently, strives constantly for self-improvement, the positive organization developed each kind of healthBeneficial recreational activity, rich staff's extra-curricular cultural life. Intends by each kind to move influences the staff sentiment, strengthened the collective cohesive force. Simultaneously carries out founds “the study enterprise” the exploration, has formulated the drive means which the staff studies, built has studied the platform, promoted “the study work, work study” atmosphere formation. Strengthens the democratic management, insisted that manages the factory legally, sets up the science the development concept, the talented person to observe, the populace view, defends staff's legitimate rights and interests earnestly.