Human Resources >> Talent Concept
       The talented person is enterprise's basis, takes the vigorous development innovative enterprise, we need enthusiasm, initiative, creative capable person. No matter you are the innovation, the management, the loyal talented person, so long as you have ability, to have the self-confidence, so long as you want to display your ability fully, we can give you the opportunity, enables you unceasing promotion own value, realizes own ideal.
The Austria wonderful big families are composed of the individuality bright person, we treasure the talented person, regards the talented person, the respect talented person, simultaneously also portrays the talented person. We established have let the talented person health positive development the incentive mechanism, we had the consummation to the internationalization development human resources management system; Our enterprise has the magnificent prospect, lets the talented person grow healthy and strong in a magnificent enterprise. Because we believed that staff's individual value obtained the promotion, equated in enterprise's value obtained the promotion. The staff dares to develop, the company progresses day by day; The staff dares to innovate, the company is everlasting on the vigor.we will provide have the competitive power salary welfare for the outstanding talent and the challenging job opportunity, the Hangzhou Austria wonderful electrical engineering Limited company will become your completely obviously charm, to display the talent the big stage.
      1, personnel standard: the personhood - good faith, the cooperation, innovation enterprising work earnestly -, the challenge, superego.
      2, the competitive system: The equal competition, superior win and the inferior wash out, on those who are able, the unevenness lets, under commonplace.